About Me

I live in NJ with my husband (aka hubby), and two little girls: 3-year-old munchkin and 1 year old peanut. In my pre-mom life, I worked for a large corporation but decided to stay home with my first daughter after her birth. This is both the most wonderful and difficult job I have ever had!

Hubby is the primary taste-tester for all of my kitchen experiments. He always gives me honest feedback, although sometimes I wish he was a little less honest! :) He is also the family photographer, and is excited about taking pictures of food instead of babies for a change.

The munchkin is rivaling hubby in her taste-testing, although her finicky toddler eating habits have motivated me to do everything I can to help her learn to eat a wide variety of healthful foods.  And the peanut has finally joined the real food world, eagerly eating whatever bits of food are deemed non-choking hazards.  She is so excited to be at the table with the rest of the family!

I have always enjoyed cooking, but the more I learn about healthful eating and the environment, the more my passion for food has evolved into a commitment to feeding my family in a way that is respectful of our bodies and our planet.